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Tie Downs

Tie ’em down

Tie downs, also commonly referred to as “Hurricane Straps” or “Anchors” are a code requirement for new homes, and often a requirement for insurance and financing on existing homes. We carry a full line of traditional strap style tiedowns made by Minuteman Anchors Inc. We also stock Xi2 Foundation systems.

Although different areas have different anchoring requirements, depending on soil conditions, wind speed, seismic zones etc. We can help you determine what is needed, and get you copies of the engineering to give to local building authorities, insurance company inspectors, appraisers, etc. etc.


Minuteman anchors come in a wide variety, including Concrete anchors, earth augers, and rock cross drives. Standard straps wrap around the frame of the home, and back through a slotted buckle then connect to one of the previously listed anchors. Once connected to the anchor, they are tightened with a “split bolt”. They are engineered to meet tie-down requirements, and, if labor is not taken into account, are the least expensive way to tie a home down.


Mobile home stabilizing systems are required by law to prevent these homes from being flipped over or simply blown away during hurricanes and other severe storms.


Foundation Systems

Xi2 foundation systems are a great alternative to traditional tiedown straps, because of the ease of installation. Depending on your location, you might need as few as two Xi2’s, while you would generally need four or more times as many straps.

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