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Mobile Home Doors

Your front door has big shoes to fill. It must be commanding and protective, yet also warm and inviting. It sets the tone for the rest of your house, conveys a message to all who enter, and demonstrates a sense of charm and friendliness. Whatever you want to say with your front door, don’t leave it to chance.
Luckily, we have a variety of choices to help you out. We offer exterior outswing doors, exterior inswing doors, interior doors, and sliding glass doors.

Outswing Exterior Doors

pre-hung left hand hinge outswing mobile home door with a 9-lite window

Inswing Exterior Doors

pre-hung inswing exterior mobile home door with sunburst pattern window

Storm Doors

mobile home storm door for right hand or left hand hinge

Mobile Home Interior Doors

oak design interior mobile home door

Door Hardware & Parts

gold color door hinge

Inswing doors

Oftentimes, Manufactured homes will have a front door that is similar to a standard site-built house door. These doors swing to the inside of the home. Unfortunately, there are many different-sized doors that have been used on different models of homes over the years. These inswing doors are usually 32” wide, although some are 30”, 34”, or 36” wide as well. The heights are generally measured in 2” increments from 72” to 74”, 76”, 78”, and 80” These doors are prehung, and the rough opening size needs to be close to 2” wider, and 2” taller than the callout size to leave room for the wood frame.


We stock fiberglass skinned, wood framed, energy efficient doors by Orepac.


Outswing doors by Dexter Door

These outswing doors have an aluminum frame, fiberglass skin, and high density foam inside.
They are usually 32” wide, but are commonly 30” and sometimes 34” or 36”. The heights can be 72”, 74”, 76”, 78”, and 80”. These doors are prehung, and the callout size is the same as the rough opening size. (The rough opening is the size of the hole left in the house when the original door and its frame are removed)

We stock interior doors that are: 24”, 26”, 28”, or 30” wide and are 80” tall.

Interior doors

We stock both oak skin (not actual oak) and white. These doors can be drilled for a handle at either 36” or 40” from the bottom. Many manufactured homes are drilled at 40”, because if the handle hole is in the center of the door, it can be flipped any which way, and still line up! Those guys at the factories are geniuses. These doors are slab only, they do not come prehung. Why? Because generally the frames for these doors are built in the factory using 2X material, paneling, and doorstop trim. Also, the frame depth is inconsistent in mobile homes, some have 2×4 walls, some 2×3, some even smaller.


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