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Bathroom & Kitchen

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Mobile / Manufactured homes often have unique sized fixtures in Bathrooms and Kitchens. Many people ask me “Why?” My answer, right or wrong, is: Manufactured homes basically evolved over many years out of the RV/Trailer industry. Initially homes were built small, and light, and economical. A home that had to be transported down rural roads in the 50’s or 60’s, or 70’s or even today, had to be efficient with space. So, the manufacturers made everything a bit smaller than what would generally go in a site built home.

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Bathtubs and showers are often 54” or 4’6” wide, instead of 60” or 5” wide which is pretty standard in a sitebuilt home. Add pic with link
Showers can be as small as 32”X32” in some homes
Bathtubs often have two handles, a tub spout, and diverter, all built into one unit. Add pic with link
Vanity sinks often are plastic, and have no overflow.


We offer a full line of faucets, valves, and plumbing parts from manufactures generally found in mobile homes, including: Empire, Phoenix, and Utopia



Kitchen sinks are often 19”X33” instead of a site built homes standard 22”X33” Unfortunately, this means there is a lot less selection available for fitting the hole in your countertop!

We offer Stainless steel 19”X33” double basin, 4-hole sinks in either 8” or 6”
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