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Underbelly Repair

The Importance of Mobile Home Underbelly Repair

Manufactured homes generally have a large amount of insulation held in on the underside with what’s called “Bottomboard” Material. I don’t have a clue why it’s called Bottomboard, because it’s essentially a large tarp, although much more durable, and specifically designed for this function. This material is great and usually functions admirably for years until it comes into contact with an overzealous plumber, or homeowner with a sharp blade. If not repaired, or replaced properly, the home will lose much of its energy efficiency and airtightness. I’ve seen many instances where duct tape, or electrical tape, or worse yet, masking tape is used to put bottomboard back in place after it’s been cut open to access pipes, subfloor, or ducting. These homegrown solutions get exposed to the conditions of a crawlspace for a few months or at best a few years, and then fail, unseen. Once the wound is open again, all manor of bad things start coming into your house, Cold, Moisture, Creepy crawlers. Even worse, things you want, start leaving the house, like insulation, heat, cool, dollars, and more dollars. Worst of all is when the day comes and you want to sell, or refinance and the appraiser tells you nobody will lend on or buy the place because the underbelly looks like Dr. Frankenstein was its surgeon.

It is well worth it

All this being said, repairs should be done right the first time. It will cost a bit more to get tape and repair materials that are designed specifically for that purpose, but it will be worth it. That’s why we stock flex mend tapes and bottomboard materials.


That plastic sheet under your home, commonly called “Bottom board”, “belly-wrap” or “belly board” serves a much greater purpose than just making the underside of the home appear clean and neat.
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