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Mobile Home Setup Supplies

Manufactured Home Installation is a Critical Stage

So you’ve found a mobile home dealer you are comfortable with, bought your home on a square deal, found a site, and checked the zoning laws. Give yourself a pat on the back! You’ve come so far already. Now, things get exciting. You’re ready to have the mobile home installed on your home site. If everything goes well, you’re just a few short weeks away from moving into your new home, but don’t forget that installation is a critical stage in the mobile home-buying process. Your home may be flawless when it arrives from the factory, but if it is not installed properly, none of the quality workmanship or top-of-the-range upgrades will matter.

We are here to help

Mobile home setup is less challenging if you follow these simple footsteps. Additionally, be mindful that safety is key which includes doing the job right. Moreover, whether purchasing your home from a dealership, factory direct or moving the home to a new location the home comes with an installation manual. However, the manual may not be available for used homes so you will need to use your states mobile home setup prescriptive guidebook.


Our setup supplies include: Wedges, Jacks, Piers, Pier pads, and water levels. If we don’t stock it, we can get it asap.
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