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How often should I change my mobile home furnace filters?

No matter what type of home you live in, if you have a furnace, it has a filter. Mobile home furnace filters need changed on a regular basis to keep your heating system running properly and to facilitate airflow through the system into your home.

Changing mobile home furnace filters is a must on every mobile homeowner’s to do list. Learn about mobile home furnace filters and how often you need to change them.


Just like other types of dwellings, mobile homes can use gas or electric furnaces to provide whole-home heating. Typically, the furnaces installed in mobile homes use smaller ductwork to fit the footprint of the home without requiring too much space. Mobile home furnaces are specially designed to operate with these duct systems. Just like full-sized furnaces, they utilize air filters to remove contaminants and keep air moving through the system correctly.

Many mobile home furnace filters are installed directly at the grill that supplies ventilation to the furnace. This is a little different than most conventional furnaces that have filters held in a filter compartment between the furnace and ductwork.


Your mobile home furnace filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. In most cases, this will need to be done every one to three months. During times of heavy use, such as in the winter, your mobile home furnace filters may require more frequent changing. As the system is operating more, more contaminants move through and are trapped by the filter.

You may also find it necessary to change mobile home furnace filters more frequently if one or more of the following factors apply to your household:

  • You have indoor pets
  • Smoking occurs indoors
  • Family members suffer allergies or asthma

Changing your mobile home furnace filters removes contaminants from the air you breath, not only keeping your furnace cleaner and more efficient, but eliminating harmful allergens that trigger allergy or asthma symptoms.


To change mobile home furnace filters, follow these instructions:

  • Turn off the power supply to your furnace.
  • Locate the mobile home furnace filter. It is likely installed within the metal grill that supplies furnace ventilation.
  • Open the grill that holds the mobile home furnace filter.
  • Remove the old filter from the grill and dispose.
  • Install a new filter into the grill. Make sure you insert the filter according to the airflow arrows printed on the filter’s frame.
  • Reinstall the metal grill and make sure it is secure.
  • Turn your furnace back on.

If your mobile home furnace filter is located in a filter compartment within the furnace, follow these instructions to change it regularly:

  • Turn off the power to the unit at the furnace switch as well as at the main electrical panel.
  • Remove your furnace filter and replace it with a new one if necessary.
  • Open the panel to expose the blower compartment.
  • Gently vacuum away any dust and debris that have collected in the chamber.
  • Locate the condensation drain tube and gently disconnect it. To prevent algae growth, you can either replace the tube or clean it using a bleach and water solution of a 1:16 ratio. Pour the solution through the tube.
  • Clean the drain port using a soft-bristled brush or pipe cleaner to remove any debris which have collected here.
  • Reconnect the drain tube.
  • Turn the power back on at the furnace switch and at the electrical panel.


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