Storm Door – 36 X 74 Universal Hinge


Part #: 983674
 Price: $158.82

4 Responses to “Storm Door – 36 X 74 Universal Hinge”

  1. Brian McCracken

    Hi I was wondering what this door looks like I am very interested in it we have been looking for a storm door for quite some time now. Thanks

    • Joshua Myers

      Brian, I’ve added a picture of the storm door to the site. If you click on the products tab, then outswing door, you will see a thumbnail picture at the side of your storm door size (and soon at the side of all the storm doors). For a slightly larger picture, click the link and it will open to a description page with a better picture. Both pictures are relatively small, but is what the manufacturer has provided. If you’re nearby you are always welcome to come in and take a look at our storefront as well. A 36″x74″ storm door is an odd size, so be sure to call several days in advance to ensure we have time to cut one down. Thanks, Josh 541-772-2604

  2. Timothy Bowling

    ImI’m looking for a 36 + 74 storm door

    • Joshua Myers

      We can cut down our 36″ storm doors to fit a 74″ height. It’s not a typical size, so we don’t generally stock it. There would be an additional charge to cut the door down, please call for details.
      Josh 541-772-2604


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