Electric Water Heater 30 Gallons

Product # : 800143

Price: $456.00

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  1. Rick Sheridan

    I have a 1985 Sandpointe single wide mobile, with polybutylene pipe. Need to replace the electric water heater, 240v single phase. The old one is 20″ diameter and 38″ tall. It is in a space that is 24″ wide, with a 20″ access door (in a closet). I will need to adapt the 3/4″ polybutylene pipe to use flexible tubes to connect, most likely copper. There is only my wife and I living here, so gallons is not very important. Looking forward to you reply.

    Rick Sheridan

    • Joshua Myers

      Our 30gal hot water heaters (at this time) are 18″x46.8″. Unfortunately we do not have a large selection with different sizes. You didn’t note the height of the closet, so I’m not sure our unit will fit. For getting quick answers to questions, please call.
      Thanks, Josh 541-772-2604


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